Monday 28 September 2009

Layout the first.

May it be known that I drink more tea than anyone else I know. My parents think it is probably bad for me, but they got me started on the whole lark so really I don't see what they've got to complain about. Anyway, then I found Whittards and 178000 cups of tea later, I still crave this lovely stuff and it just keeps on getting better. I love that now that I work full time, I can fit in more cups of tea during the day in the office. What better accompaniment to work!

However, my devotion to tea is something I would like to scrap more about. This is a LO I'm coming round to, but don't completely love and yet can't figure out why. The premise is simple - I really enjoy a good morning, afternoon or, when the luxury of time permits, a whole day lazing in a coffee shop. And saying a tea shop doesn't conjour up the same image. It makes me think of places like Betty's that are lovely but you don't feel like you can take a book and read all day, or type your dissertation for six hours and only order one drink because you have no money. You can curl up and relax properly in coffee shops and even though I hate coffee, I adore lovely, cosy, stay-all-day-and-have-the-carrot-cake-twice little venues where you can eavesdrop on life as it wanders past the window. Especially when the tea comes extra large and it's still cheaper than the coffee.
And here's hoping my tech-savvy skills are good to go. What I'd like to do is take some more photos of tea itself, especially my cute little teacups and saucers. And my tea collection. But things like that will have to wait until I move into my flat.

Then all I'll need is a photo printer...

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