Friday 16 October 2009

Bleh. Oh, and Yuck.

Feeling a bit gross today - I've been very tired all day and when I got home, I just climbed into bed. Also, I cannot get warm and I'm working with serious layers and blankets here.

Fortunately, laptop warm. Ugh, too tired to pronoun. May have to cancel weekend plans. Annoyances. On plus side, extra scrapping time. Plus side actually pretty good. Also, copious junk food, because clearly a necessary cure.

Did indeed snap photos of LOs. Find it hard to avoid reflections in shiny sections on page.

Caves under Krakow - retelling of dragon legend with mock poses and imitation dragon noises. Also, my powers of persuasion when it comes to staged grouped portraits astonish me sometimes!

Charlie's Angels inspired. Funtimes with camera on Polish mountainside!

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