Friday, 9 October 2009

A Rendez-vous with Regency

I am living in a slightly hazy world of Regency Romance today thanks to Georgette Heyer. Lately I am addicted to her completely predictable, utterly ridiculous, wonderfully satisfying novels. Bring it! Now all I need to find is a decent second hand book shop.

Going coffee shop hunting tomorrow. I have to do shedloads of reading for my Masters, none of which tickles my curiousity, and to battle the banal, I am going to set up in a coffee shop, read and take notes until it palls unbearably and then up sticks and move to the next place on my list. By the end of the day, I hope to have found a new favourite spend-all-day coffee shop (after all, I need one in LondonBaby) and have accomplished my masters reading.

Then, once the weather becomes completely wintry, I can while away copious hours watching Christmas start to happen, imagining out stories about the people around me, and devouring further Regency Romances.

Apart from that I really want to move into my flat! I would love to have a table to scrap on. I'm currently patronising my bed, which, although great for sleeping, is unforgiving when it comes to craft. Over half term, a trip Ikea will be more than in order and then I can pick out some furniture. Including a scrapping table. Which I can occasionally clear off to serve dinner on. But only necessary for company really.

Still love scrapping the New York Photos, can't get enough of them. Although, next time I make the journey, I shall take a compact camera as well as my dSLR so that I can take lots of cheesy shots. My first batch of NYC photos are almost overwhelmingly sensible. Like these pictures of the, admittedly beautiful, New York Public Library. We took the free tour and it was well worth it. The steps outside are also a fabulous place to people watch. LO supplies from a Scrapagogo kit (totally loving the Knave of Hearts range by Collage Press).

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