Tuesday 6 October 2009

Oysters, Spiders and Free lifts

Slightly strange week on the travel side of things. First, I have been hailed not once, but twice by people I don't know and offered a lift. The first was a chap who lives 2 doors down. Didn't accept but found the whole thing a little weird. Then on my way home from school, one of the teachers who I've never spoken to pulled up, called me Irene and offered me a lift home. As I have no idea who Irene is, I smiled and politely declined. I wonder if she knew where Irene lived. Would have been amusing perhaps to take that lift and see who she thought I was and where I apparently reside. Amusing, but not face-saving for either of us.

Secondly, when catching a bus home late one night, someone behind me eventually managed to attract my attention. I was a little unnerved what with it being late and my being alone, but it turned out to be two teenage girls. They kindly pointed out that I had a spider on my shoulder.

Shrieked, brushed it off and of course, it seemed to disappear so we all spent the rest of the journey staring about us suspiciously. On the plus side, one of the girls spotted it on the floor just before I got off, so it wasn't concealed about my person.

Finally, my Oyster card stopped working and I don't want to go into the havoc that caused and the sheer number of unhelpful "customer service" staff I encountered. My favourite bit being when the guy at one tube station accused me of stealing the one I had (when what had happened was that the staff at a different station had given me back the wrong one). Peachy.

All this sounds grumbly, but it's not. Well, maybe the last travel incident, but maybe I can dine out on the whole spider thing.

Hears hoping spider season is shortly at an end!

Also, layout! This picture hails from the first time I took a photography class and I persuaded my friends to contort themselves so that I could take pretty pictures of their shoes. It was also the first time I used a dSLR having borrowed one from a friend. Ultimate photography buzz!
NB to self: I'd like to start making regular layouts for challenges and things so look up challenge blogs!

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