Friday, 30 October 2009

Sometimes Life Comes Up With A Better Idea

I found the title of this post written on a slip of paper inside a second hand book that I bought and uncovered it when I was about two thirds of the way through. I love finding things in books but this one really struck me!

Photo printer has arrived and as soon as I've finished here, I'm going to test it out. Which could take some time as it means installing software and owning cables that it's possible I do not own. Wish me luck!

I'm not really a hallowe'en fan so instead here is a Guy Fawkes night LO:

Hoping to head to the Ally Pally fireworks this year and mightily looking forward to it. Bonfire night is always so festive and delicious!

On a final note, totally in love with Mr Knightley and the BBC production of Emma that has been gracing Sunday night telly. Such a lovely production, terrific cast and, finally, an attractive Mr Knightley in the form of Jonny Lee Miller. Find this to be an improvement on the Kate Beckinsdale version. As I lack iPlayer capabilities (the internet isn't good enough) I can;t watch the thing again but I'm this close to ordering it (I'm holding up my fingers to demonstrate how close) from Amazon. Let's see how much money I have left at the end of the week...

Right, printer time, and then off to Oxford!

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