Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Cherry Picking

This is one of those LOs that I made over a year ago but that I still like. As my style changes over time, I start to despair of some of my earlier ones. And my favourite LOs change all the time. I need to stop being lazy and upload the pictures of my new layouts.

In other news my October ScrapaGoGo kit arrived today! It's an extra good one so I'm going to save it for half term and then plunder its goodies! Speaking of ScrapaGoGo, I'm really tempted to sign up for one of their weekend retreats. Maybe Christmas present? I don't know ANYONE who scraps and I'd love to meet other people that do. My current friends don't really get it... But as long as they're willing to be in the pictures, who's complaining!

And lastly, speaking of printers, I've now saved enough to buy a photo printer! That's something else I can cross off my list.

New list reads something like this:
  • Go to Ikea and buy kitchen items and bake things.
  • Arrange moving date.
  • Finish Portrait of a Lady*. Before reading any more books.
  • Go to the cinema. Multiple times.
  • Scrap more! (Easier once I have printer and ergo photos to scrap)
  • Get some Autumnal Pictures.
*Having read half of this, I have also read Powder and Patch, Regency Buck, Sprig Muslin, Cotillion (all Georgette Heyer) and a Saddle Club book because, well, nostalgia.

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