Wednesday 6 January 2010

Brevity is the soul of wit.

So without further ado, here is as much of my JYC as far as Christmas:

I went for a swirly-shaped 6x6 album. Next year, I'm going to go for at least 8x8 or 8x11. More journalling space! Acually, I still need to do a back cover and tie some ribbons onto the ring.

Front cover. Little did I know that my dreams would come true.

Journalling my Christmas is a brand new tradition for me. Next year I'm going to introduce making my own decorations. Hopefully I'll have my own place by then.

Isn't it just (and loving these Thickers).

Christmas Spice Cupcakes are sooooo moist and yummy, especially when topped with golden glitter. Made lots of batches of these this December. The recipe is partly my own devising too which is not something I'd ever done before. Little envelope for the recipe to pop into and they make a great alternative to Christmas cards.

Abandoned the prompt in favour of documenting my trip to Oxford to visit those that are still there plugging away at their various degrees. Also to go to the comedy medical pantomime; this year 'Bedpans Labyrinth'.

My faith is a big part of Christmas for me with lots of services. Advent is where the whole Christmas thing begins!

These 2 days are customised envelopes, one for me to slot loads of journalling into and one to put lists of who's getting what, and who gives me what and who I've written a card to, who gets a cupcake and who I've written to thank. Useful.

Photo printer doing its thing! But this definitely shows why I need more space next time. So many pictures that didn't fit!

A classic! Actually we watched so many sentimental Christmas films this year.

I do get most of my Christmas shopping done in October half term. This means that I can go Christmas shopping in a completely stress-free way. When I don't need to buy anything I can just enjoy the lights and music and bustling festive atmosphere.

This is one of my favourite pages - using a big photo was really effective and I love this tree strung with lights in Hyde Park. More pages like this in future!

I'm completely head of over heels with Bazzill embossed spotty paper. It just gives a plain background a little lift. I bought 4 sheets of it just before I started the journal and have come to realise its brilliance during December. It's pretty much all gone and so now I need to go out and buy shed loads of it so I'll never be without again.

Spots! Also leftover gold thickers=lovely. I love carols.

Constructing my own little presents with rick-rack ribbons seemed like a good idea until I actually started. It took ages and was so messy as the things would not stick themselves together. Quite good fun though.

Another one of my favourite with a big photo and the Bazzill spotty stuff. Also the Doodlebug Designs Loopy Loo letters. Terrific product.

This was quite a surreal moment in Leicester square.

Beautiful paper from Basic Grey couldn't be left out of the album. Especially on a page featuring one of my favourite things in the world- a cuppa. (Does anyone else start making their next one before they've finished the current one?)

Snowy! This was the Saturday after school broke up and I went home before the snow put a stop to the trains. I think next year I will include stuff about Christmas at school. It's the one facet of Christmas that's missing from my journal.

Carols by candlelight: my favourite service of the year.

And the dotty paper is back! Next year I'm going to make stockings for my parents.

Pleased with this one - simple but I love the colours.

This is a pocket ready to be filled with photos and a minute-by-minute run down of our Christmas Day acitivities.

I'll pop the post Christmas entries up another time. The gaps will also be filled, but the pages that aren't here are stuck in Yorkshire so I can't photograph them. Sad face.

Well, I can tick this off my to-do list and look forward to scrapping lots in 2010. I need to look into joining a crop. Note to self. Meanwhile, off to make another cuppa and curl up for half an hour with a good book.

Happy Snow Day!

It's been a while...

Well, I've been home for Christmas and so while I was full of worthy bloggy intentions, lack of decent internet meant that that didn't happen. Which brings me to today: it's a snow day so school is out and I have been able to catch up on all sorts of little bits and bobs, one of these being to post my JYC. Here she is:

I've loved doing this project, I've managed to keep up with it, by and large, and I've also got to grips with my wee photo printer, who printed his little heart out with some lovely snaps.

Had a smashing Christmas and really took some time off. School is so hectic that term-time whizzes past almost without a second thought. And the non-school time I have I tend to fill up with my London Baby time, tooling about in the metropolis so there's no realy space to just chill out. So that's what I did. I got some decent telly time in (the lovely Mr Tennant was all over the TV this Christmas which I thoroughly enjoyed), did tons of carolling and baking and snow-shovelling and I did my JYC. Roll on next year: I'm going to use a considerab
ly bigger format and I have multiple cunning plans...

Anyway, here is some of my JYC (The rest is stuck back in Yorkshire as I couldn't lift my suitcase when I packed to come home and something had to give. I didn't want to squish my journal so that had to stay. Even worse, my beautiful camera had to stay as well).

Happy New Year!