Tuesday 30 March 2010

A little of this and that.

Goal for self: Update blog every day for 1 week over Easter.

This Easter I'm going to be able to do a bit more scrapping I hope. Ditto having a Spring clean, knitting, cooking, reading, London-ing and visiting. And photoing.

Once again school has swamped life-as-I-know it - not in a bad way as I love it - but it is lovely to have some me-time. (Yikes, hyphen abuse).

All the kids have got that end of term feeling and my classes are bubbling over with... enthusiasm? A word that covers multitude of sins. Just like the word "special".

Spent a while discussing statistics and maths in the media with my Year 8s and one of them informed us all that scientists think that 7 out of 8 people will be dead in 100 years time due to something going wrong with the climate. He was hazy on the details. I assume I'll be dead in 100 years because of old age, climate be damned, but given that this statistic meant that only 3 or 4 members of the class would still be kicking, it took them a while to decide who it should be.

Vague stats they've gleaned from they-can't-quite-remember-where aside, they seemed surprisingly knowledgeable about current affairs and several of them had watched the various would be chancellors teeing off on channel four. I've asked them (by which I mean I have informed them that they must) to research maths in the news so I'll have to wait and see what they come back with.

Year 7 PSHEE looms again next term and we're doing a project about careers. Basically,this involves them spending a couple of weeks constructing a dream life in which they can choose to own yachts, expensive second homes, and go on expensive holidays whilst having masses of free time. Then after that, they are each assigned a "career" and use the monthly income that comes with it to create a budget. So all their plans and dreams come crashing down. They find that things are more expensive that they thought, that they will make less money than they thought and have less free time than they thought. As careers projects go, it's informative but perhaps a little cruel to bludgeon their hopes and dreams for their futures quite so thoroughly.

Year 7 at least are looking forward to the holidays. And I do confess that I entertain warm fuzzy feelings about them as they chirrup "Have a good Easter, Miss! Thanks for teaching us!" on their way out of the door. They're so lovely at that age!

So that's school.