Monday, 5 April 2010

Chocolate Bicycle

"Sometimes I like to make a chocolate bicycle out of Wagon Wheels and Chocolate Fingers. And then I can park it in a Toblerone bike rack."

~Bill Bailey

Is that genius or what?

I've been having a nice, relaxing bank holiday Monday. Although I slept through my alarm by 3 hours which is slightly worrying. Must still be catching up that term-time sleep deficit. Anyway, for most of the day I've been scrapping, reading a bit and trying to win a Digital Radio on Classic fm which, as far as I'm aware, I haven't. Mainly I was listening to the Hall of Fame which was lovely (even if V-W did take the number 1 spot, again).

I made a LO about work which I'll pop up tomorrow maybe, and I spent all afternoon and evening trying to squish as much stash as possible onto one LO as part of the Something From Almost Nothing class from Shimelle. It's a challenge, and it definitely was for me. I like to have lots of white space on LOs and I spend quite a long time usually positioning and re-positioning things and then changing my mind and wondering if things really go together...

Well, I managed to get 152 elements onto this page which I reasonably pleased with. It's not my usual style but I did make myself use some things that I have but wouldn't own if they hadn't come as part of a kit, as well as making a dent in the Basic Grey Scarlett's Letter papers which I have quite a few of as they're beautiful but are so detailed it's difficult to know how to use them. Although in the final analysis they got a bit swamped.

It's themed around Alice in Wonderland. Maja took this picture of me peering through the keyhole of a Door in Christchurch, Oxford, parts of which inspired certain scenes in Lewis Carroll's book. I managed to get the door handle in along with several keys, flowers (although they don't talk) and a pocket watch even though there is no white rabbit.

Excellent plans planned for tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

Kisses xxx

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