Friday 2 April 2010

Good Friday

And what a very Good Friday it's been. Having got all the less-that-brilliant things done yesterday, I spent a rather enjoyable day scrapping. I confess to being a slow scrapper. I like to get all my things out and look at them and sort them into little piles and so on and all that takes time. And multiple cups of tea.

I don't think I have that much stash comparatively. And most irritating is the fact that I haven't really got anywhere to scrap - it has to be done on the bed or on the floor next to the bed. The joys of renting! When I eventually move into my flat, these days will be a distant memory - when I suffered for my art! I have a couple of pizza boxes of paper, a little basket full of various embellishments like buttons, brads, stickers, chipboard etc. and that's about it.

But it still seems like loads and so Shimelle's Something From Almost Nothing class has been a great inspiration for using bits of it up.

This afternoon, I watched the Sound of Music, revelled in the fact that it is now the Easter Holidays so no school and finally was able to get down to some serious scrapping. I wanted to do a couple of the challenges having missed the other ones due to charging around like a mad thing over the weekend.

I got my New Year's Resolutions page done (better late than never). Actually, I've already made a dent in the resolutions, even if it took me a while to get the page done. But then I've always loved to tick things off lists and New Year's Resolutions are like champagne on an empty stomach to list-makers. This page was in response to a challenge on a blog whose name escapes me, but the challenge was to use clouds and 9 other embellishments on a page.

Then I made this page for the Scraplift Challenge based on a LO from one of the prompts. It documents Me at 23 (it was my birthday last weekend, hence some of the charging about).

So a lovely day, all in all. Off to Hampstead tomorrow, with the camera and a plastic duck in tow.

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