Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Granana Muffins

Granola+ Banana = Granana. But they are a but dry and definitely overcooked. I'm sure bad cooks blame their recipes so colour me hypocritical: it was a bad recipe! I got up nice and early at half six and had breakfast, did a little reading, baked muffins and all so that I wouldn't miss Royal Mail delivering a packet that they couldn't get through the door last week. Well they haven't come yet. So I'm still waiting.

I've also finished reading 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' which is one of those books that I don't understand but about which I harbour a sneaking suspicion that nobody does, including possibly the author, partly because if anybody did understand it, the whole thing would immediately become too depressing for words so it hides behind uncomfortable blackly comic interludes.

It is also very possible that I am just not intelligent enough. I shall wiki it shortly which is definitely a literary cop-out but sometimes helpful.

Here's a LO that I made over the Easter Weekend about my stroll across Hamsptead Heath - misrepresented to me by Londoners as a long, wild, country walk but in reality a tame hour's stroll. Enjoyable but not 'proper'. Said with all the superiority of a Yorkshire Lass!

Kisses xxx

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