Saturday 3 April 2010

Man Eats Fish Custard

Well, another lovely day has been had. I popped over to Hampstead but forgot to take the duck after all. So that was a no go. On the bright side, I stumbled across a rather marvellous bookshop. It was run by an Irish woman and her mother, and they bickered most of the time about where to put the stock. And fair enough because you couldn't move for books. The aisles weren't wide enough for 2 people to pass and if you wanted to pass someone, one of you have to elect to back down to the end of the shop. Then there were books stacked several deep on the shelves, in front of the shelves and at the ends of the aisles so that you couldn't see the books for the books. Then when you find one you want, you have to shift 12 books to get at it and then when you prize it from the shelves another 15 books fall on top of you, causing you to knock the step ladder over which in turn sends what can only be described as the full weight of literature crashing down around you. It was brilliant! I got 8 books for 12 quid, total bargain. The Irish woman seemed to pleased to flog my little clutch to me and pointed out to her mother that her placement of the paperbacks seemed to have worked after all. Alas, I am become a victim of marketing strategies. I left them arguing about whether to put the clearance 50p paperbacks outside or not. Apparently they sell better where people can see them but as the public don't let them know when it's raining (as they did in bygone days) and they can;t see when it's raining from inside (the windows being full of books), they thought the stock might get wet.

Can't wait to go again.

I decided Hampstead was too expensive for elevensies so I got a Wispa from Tescos and gobbled it up on the tube home. Same effect.

This afternoon, I scrapped, noted sadly that Oxford lost the boat race (I'll have to go and cheer them on in the flesh next year I think) and excitedly awaited the arrival of Doctor Who.

By six I was feeling particularly childish with excitement, so when it started, you can imagine my glee. I LOVED it. I was very sad to see the delicious Mr Tennant go but it seems that Mr Smith is going to hit the camp enthusiasm mark perfectly in the centre. The writing seems a little bit bigger, badder and darker and laced with eccentric humour (and who doesn't love a little maths joke) and I am willing next week to arrive. Hurrah!

Anway, scrapping: a very simple LO with buttons galore.

Tomorrow, I am going to cook. Yummy!

Kisses xxx

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