Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Awkward Funny

Covent Garden, fabbest part of London. They have cake and tea and singing and playing and opera and Lush and magic and acrobatics and there's always loads going on a tons of people to watch. I love it so much! And I love it even more having discovered the frankly incredible food at Wahaca, a delicious Mexican place. Thought it was time I scrapped Covent Garden. For the past week or two I've been scrapping for the All About Me project that Mel is hosting. Actually, my eternal love for Covent Garden would have been a great topic for that, but never mind. I'm really enjoying doing the project and there'll be more on that and others' projects come le weekend.

Some of my students today informed me that they think I'm funny. Intrigued, I asked if they meant funny ha-ha or funny peculiar. Without even thinking about it, one responded "Awkward funny". This caused confusion on my part and long-lasting embarrassment on the part of the student. When I demanded an explanation, I received the response that none of my jokes are funny, but everything else I say is hilarious. Especially when I get cross.


Then they invited me to Scrabble club. Students are funny peculiar. But I am going to go and crush them at Scrabble anyway.

More soon - will attempt to be update more frequently. Plead illness this week, having a cold and a sore throat. Teaching is tricky when you've lost your voice and some of my students asked if I were trying to be Dalek. Sadly, extermination of children is not lawful. How petty.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Put awkward funny anecdote to the other staff and they said that my jokes weren't funny. Clearly my colleagues are not as witty as I am. Some of my favourite classroom puns include:
Concentrate - like orange juice.
Make like a camera and focus.
Margins rule.


  1. Margins do rule! I'm with you :-)

    Really looking forward to seeing your All About Me project tomorrow xx

  2. Having taught for 37 years, I love your "jokes" and wish I had known to use them. I think fifth graders would have just loved "make like a camera and focus." Well, maybe not so much! :-)