Saturday, 29 May 2010

Half Term

And lo! the nation's children and teachers rejoice because they can take a breather. This is been a manic week and so time for a few updates.

First, I'd like to say thanks to all those who stopped by to see my 'All About Me'. I loved looking at all your projects and found loads of inspiration and beautiful ideas. And I really appreciate the comments you left - I've never had nearly so many before and it made me feel all fuzzy inside :D I think I'll enjoy perusing your blogs in the future.

This week in school I have written 40 Year 8 reports, Marked 27 Year 9 Summer Exams, Organised and risk assessed a school trip and had two lesson observations. This in addition to the usual round of planning and marking which means I've been working every night at home. There have also been department meetings and department politics, eventually smoothed down with a little help from Starbucks and angsty pub rantings. It's been a busy half term with exam leave starting and panicking students popping up all over the place after just minute (or half hour) of your time. And of course, you can't say no!

This week also saw the launch of Oh Comely magazine. It is beginning to appear in little shops around the country and will hit WHSmiths on 10th June. A couple of my friends have spent the last year getting it together and completely pitching their hearts and souls into it and I'm totally proud of what they've achieved. Plus, guess who's the cakes editor?* It's an alternative lifestyle magazine. So forget your celebrities and glossy gossip, and indulge your curiosity in articles about real people and their lives and passions. It's got artists, musicians, fashion, cityscapes from night climbers and interviews with people who put on little independent music festivals. It's got three articles about peanut butter, three ways to make a ribbon rosette (yay, crafty!) and even a review of various toothpastes. Oh, and there's a quiz. I highly recommend it as something to dip in out of, for anyone who is interested in people.

Anyway, I popped along to the launch party at a bar in London one night after school - had to show up with work bag and work clothes on but whatever. The party had a lovely chilled and cheerful vibe and there were free cupcakes and goody bags containing the magazine, stickers and a biscuit! I'm a little bit invested in the goody bags as I helped to decorate them.

So it's been chaotic, enjoyable madness.

Fortunately to counter all the madness my Amazon order arrived with a new Mexican cookbook and three novels for me, a birthday present for my Mum (the original excuse for ordering naturally) and some more photo paper. Since getting home last night I have indulged in my new goodies and collapsed with four cups of tea and a book. Had just enough energy to swap armchairs and watch Glee but lounged in bed after that. I accidently fell asleep but woke up again around midnight jut long enough to switch things off and get back into bed again. Mmm, microwavable bear.

Anway, half term plans involve:
  • Mexican cooking - hurrah for new cookbooks and food!
  • Scrapping - haven't done any since All About Me.
  • Reading - nothing with subtance this week please.
  • West End Show - a once-each-holiday treat. Otherwise what's the point of living in London?
  • Hooking up with friends - preferably over food.
  • Write my masters portfolio - my goal is 7000 words in 2 days.
  • Get ahead with some A-level planning - the errant Year 12s will return.
  • Road tripping for two days - this is a very new, spontaneous, unlike-me kind of plan by which me and a friend set out in a car and try and persuade little shops to stick the magazine. Insane!
That's about all for now. Eurovision and Doctor Who tonight so clearly I'll be very busy. But now I'm going to do a little of that A-level planning before heading to Leicester Square to do lunch with a friend. Fun times! I love half term!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Posts look prettier with pictures and top-and-tailing this one are the papers that I have pulled out of my stash to work with this holiday. Not my usual colour scheme - quite bright - but I'm going to have a Something-From-Almost-Nothing inspired scrap and limit myself to my self-constructed kit. Now all I need are the pictures....

*Me!!!!! A small but very necessary job.


  1. Miss Smith! You have a blog! I didn't even realise this until google analytics told me under 'people who linked to your site.' Shocked. x Liz

  2. Have a wonderful holiday, especially the bits that are truly you-time.