Friday 7 May 2010

Walking right into it.

Well, another week at school is finished, but it's been a good one! We had the leavers' concert this week and I played my fiddle at the back of a couple of groups and generally supervised. It's incredible what the music department get from the boys, who are, it must be admitted, pretty talented. Meanwhile, I'm busy arranging a trip to Oxford for some of the 6th form, in a bid to convince them that maths at Oxford is the ultimate in education without any bias. At all.

Speaking of uni, here is another LO from my NSD album, this time of the Commemoration Ball, a swanky white tie all-nighter held by a few colleges on a 3 year rotation. Very exclusive darling.

Still working on other layouts in the time I can squeeze out of marking. I loved making this so much that I'm going to repeat the process by putting together a kit for myself, choosing some sketches, selecting the photos and then spending the day making the pages (and I hope to convince my Mum to do it with me!). I might head for 6 12x12s this time and I haven't thought about anything else yet, but I really want to repeat the experience and this way I can!

I've also done my democratic duty this week and my intention was to stay up past my bedtime and watch election coverage with incredible quantities of pizza. But I only got in the door at 10:45 which, I then discovered, was exactly when the pizza place closed. Bit of a downer, especially as I thought it would make an intriguing LO with my vote hidden in an envelope on the page. Instead I have a picture of my polling station and a picture of me trying to look like election coverage is just as much fun without pizza. Fail.

Looking forward to a fabadab weekend, doing lunch with a friend, theatre with a different friend and then girly sleepover with Gilmore Girls watching, junk food, and of course, the delicious Doctor Who.

Kisses xxx

P.S. School moment of the week was when I caught one of my students lying to me about his homework because he hadn't done it. When sent to apologise to me, I pulled a classic "What are you going to do next time?" to which I received the response "I'm going to tell you I haven't done my homework". I asked for that. I valiantly kept a straight face and made sure he understood that he needed to do the homework next time.


  1. Hello fellow teacher :-) I must remember and make a note of some of the best excuses I've been given... I love your layout, beautiful composition xx

  2. Just discovered your blog via Mel's pages (you've signed up for the All About Me project too!) and it seems we were both at the Eclectic Keepsakes day with Shimelle. It's a small world! Love your NSD pages, it really was good to try a new way of doing layouts wasn't it?