Tuesday 8 June 2010


So the second prompt in Creativity Boot Camp was to use the word 'picnic' which to me, of course, means food. So here's my Foodie layout.

I've got quicker at scrapping. Fitting in a layout in the working day (ie before 7am and after 9pm) really focusses the mind! I'm naturally much slower, often taking several days to make up my mind so this is new to me. Also new is the colour scheme. I'm not usually a yellow/orange person but I'm trying to work my stash so there it is. And I love the background patterned paper from My Mind's Eye, it's beautiful.

Time for work!

Kisses xxx

Monday 7 June 2010

Half Term Over

Well it's Monday morning and I'm looking forward to getting back to school. Had a lovely half term including a couple of days in Brighton, a country walk and pub lunch, and yes, some reading, cooking, knitting and scrapping. Relaxing!

I also wrote my masters portfolio but that's enough of that.

Didn't actually fit in a great deal of scrapping, but I have done a page for Creativity Boot Camp.

This is a 2-week creative course with daily posts and inspiration. I don't think I'm going to do every day, as as it began on a Sunday, I did do the first challenge, which was to create around the theme 'Ivory'. You have to jump on the thought train a little to get there but Ivory=Tusks=Elephants=London Elephant Parade photos. Convoluted.

My favourite things about these posts are the beautiful photos that start off each day - they're beautiful and tempt me to have a go.

Right, got to get ready and go now. School!

Kisses xxx