Monday 7 June 2010

Half Term Over

Well it's Monday morning and I'm looking forward to getting back to school. Had a lovely half term including a couple of days in Brighton, a country walk and pub lunch, and yes, some reading, cooking, knitting and scrapping. Relaxing!

I also wrote my masters portfolio but that's enough of that.

Didn't actually fit in a great deal of scrapping, but I have done a page for Creativity Boot Camp.

This is a 2-week creative course with daily posts and inspiration. I don't think I'm going to do every day, as as it began on a Sunday, I did do the first challenge, which was to create around the theme 'Ivory'. You have to jump on the thought train a little to get there but Ivory=Tusks=Elephants=London Elephant Parade photos. Convoluted.

My favourite things about these posts are the beautiful photos that start off each day - they're beautiful and tempt me to have a go.

Right, got to get ready and go now. School!

Kisses xxx


  1. Nice to see you back. That was what ivory made me think of, though I haven't done anything about it yet.

    We've only had cows in Edinburgh.

  2. Oh, and we've enjoyed Oh Comely. Were you a contributor?