Friday, 16 July 2010

First Night

I type this on my lap in front of the telly watching the first night of the 2010 Proms. Very exciting stuff - one of my main reasons for moving to London was proximity to the Proms! I'd watched them on telly with my family from quite a young age and as I got older, I became desperate to go, especially to the hallowed last night. So why am I not there tonight? Well, it was a school day so getting a good spot in the ticket queue would be tricky. Secondly I have to get up at half five tomorrow as I'm catching an early train home for the weekend and my brother's 21st birthday barbecue. So I content myself with many a cuppa, my scrapping supplies and the knowledge that even if the atmosphere aint quite the same, at least my feet won't hurt afterwards.

Anyway, this LO is a picture from the first Prom we made it to as a family, my brother's first Prom, my second year and third Prom ever and the only time we have all queued together. After the year this was taken, my parents decided that they aren't as young as they were and that they preferred tickets with, y'know, actual seats. Swanky!

Anyway, I love the Proms and a couple of years on I still find this time of year exciting and I shall be hitting my second Last Night instead of my second Prom. All being well!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Now a bit behind on my photo taking for LYPLYP due to yucky weather. However, on the plus side, less hay fever and cooler temperature.

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  1. Lovely page. You are so good at using lots of supplies, subtly. Enjoy the Proms, it's been good so far!