Sunday 11 July 2010

Lazy Weekend

The kind of warm weather we've been getting at the moment makes me feel very lethargic, so beyond a trip to Sainsbury's, I've had a very enjoyable weekend in. I caught up with a couple of friends who each stayed over for a night, baked some cupcakes, watched a couple of films, knitted some knitting and scrapped some scrapping. Bliss.

I've taken a couple of Shimelle's prompts. In one, I used one of my still life photos printed small and decorated the page a little around it. Quite minimalist. The other involves a very non-minimalist picture of my Dad and me being silly. So I use the lots of strips of spare paper and cardstock in my scraps box in rainbow colours, switching the sketch so that the strips went horizontally. Both these are a departure for me, the one being serious and minimal, and the other being in rainbow colours.

Sports day tomorrow. Fortunately, after the space hopper saga, Miss Smith is not required to participate in any active fashion in the festivities.

Kisses xxx

P.S. I have started to plan my summer which is now causing me so much excitement that I can hardly believe I have to get through 2 more weeks of school! I have booked a spa day, two trips to the Regents Park open air theatre, tickets to Legally Blonde the musical, planned a road trip, several Proms, a couple of weeks with my family and a house party (not mine). And this just for starters. It's going to be fun!!!! (Plus I ordered myself a box full of scrapping supplies in preparation)

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  1. Great layouts! Love all the little extra bits you put into your pages, the little bits of stitching etc. Beautiful!