Monday 26 July 2010

Summer Holiday!

And about time too. Although it was a nice few last days at school. I made all my kids pose for cheesy group this-is-our-last-ever-lesson photos and my Year 7s made me a lovely card (bless - why must they grow up into hulking teenagers?) and I had a good tidy up and clear out.

This weekend I went to my first Prom of this season - the Doctor Who Prom! It was extremely good fun with loads of monsters stalking through the arena which is indisputably the best place to be, particularly for this Prom as not only do you have the atmosphere but you have to dodge creatures from other planets and Matt Smith was right there! Score! The orchestra were terrific and put up with a lot and I snapped lots of pics as it's the one Prom where you're allowed. I will scrap them forthwith.

Scrappy Day in tomorrow - looking forward to it before my Perfect Day on Wednesday.

Kisses xxx

P.S. LOs are of the biggest car I have ever driven on a nutty road trip and a picture unearthed on Facebook of all places of me and a couple of friends when we were very young performing at a Ballet recital.

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