Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Two more sleeps to go...

Until the end of term! Kind of willing it along now but on the plus side, school is not so hectic. However, managing lots of excitable teenagers and convincing them to do maths when they want to watch videos is less easy. I don't have much marking this week so I can at least come home and do some scrapping.

Had a fab time going home for my brother's 21st birthday barbecue and took loads of pictures thanks to the inspiration from LYPLYP. I find that photography is one of those things that I let get pushed into the background when time is tight. This is such a shame as I love taking photos so much and I spent a long time learning how to use my camera properly and taking a photography class to improve my photos. I'm going really get back behind the camera this summer. I don't realise how much I miss it until I don't do it any more.

Plus more photos = more scrapping. This is the kind of maths I like.


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