Tuesday 31 August 2010

Bank Holiday Bliss

I had a very busy bank holiday indeed! A friend and I planned to spend the day in Bank-Holiday-esque activities. To that end, we went to a Diner in Camden for brunch. French toast + Hash Browns + Banana and Peanut Butter Milkshake = Total yummies!

We then drove out of London (in my new car!) to visit a rest home for horses. They had an afternoon opening and we chattered to some really beautiful creatures, all of whom were very gentle. Most of them were retired police horses or army horses or similar, and so that had to have very docile temperaments. They certainly didn't mind being poked and prodded.

Then the crowning awesomeness of the day was a visit to Lacey Green to tackle the Maize Maze! I've never been in a maze before and it was brilliant! It was unusual as well - the maze was laid out in the design of a castle and they gave us a map. We had to find various locations on the map and note down relevant info.

We got lost.

Fortunately, the union flag was flying over a central point so we managed to locate ourselves and performed death-defying feats of bravery, shimmying down turrets, inching along rooftops, sliding down doorways and even navigating the odd stained glass window. In maize form, naturally.

We intrepid explorers delved deep into the heart of the maze, fearlessly brushing aside clawing fronds of...well, maize....and venturing jauntily into the unknown. With a map and a contact telephone number. Just in case.

Kisses xxx

Got to see my friends new flat which was totally gorgeous and cosy and so homely. I'm moving to my new place in less than a month now and I'm SO EXCITED!!!!


  1. So glad you had a good time :-) I thought it looked like a maize maze lol - we haven't done one this year, but we've got lost in many in previous years!!

  2. Not sure I should ever contemplate going to a maize maze, I may never be seen again! Sounds like you had a really fun Bank Holiday though. How exciting about your new home, bet you are counting down the days!