Friday 27 August 2010

DVD Boxed Set Victim

I don't really buy many films on DVD, largely because with a film, once I've seen it, I don't feel the urge to watch it repeatedly (with a few notable exceptions). However, give me a series in a shiny box and it's a whole new story. I love things that come in series and can watch and watch and watch them and not get bored. I like to watch characters develop unrestrained by the length of a film and if you can through in a will they/won't they story line, so much the better! I know so many of these series practically by heart and often like to have one of them on in the backrgound while I scrap. My favourites include Gilmore Girls, The West Wing, Friends, Yes Minister/Prime Minister and Doctor Who. And now I want Sherlock please.

Addicted? No doubt.

Kisses xxx

P.S. I'm on my last book. Why has nobody serialised Amelia Peabody and produced it in a boxed set? Not that it would ever live up to the books, but it would be fun nonetheless.


  1. I got Series 4 of Doctor Who for my birthday :-) Love that row of spines! And I'm definitely putting Sherlock on my list, too. I love all the extras - the Lord of the Rings box set can keep me quiet for days, what with all the commentaries, interviews, behind the scenes bits etc!

  2. ooh i love sherlock and agree with you and lovely mel on dr who of course. i also have life on mars boxed as i thought the series was amazing. i love sam and gene characters so much. as for films, i do a few as i tend to watch some over and over.
    Jo xxx