Wednesday 25 August 2010

Into The Woods

Left the house yesterday in just a T-shirt and waltzed into glorious sunshine and perfect blue sky and by the time I hit Euston it was clouded over. Anyway, I did breakfast with a friend which makes me feel very grown up as though I'm living in a sitcom (my life is not dramatic enough to be a drama but it is daft enough to be a sitcom) and we went to sit in the little roof terrace on top of the British library. It was completely empty and it's a lovely place to sit, not to mention the deliciousness of the library itself.

Anyway, when we left there, it started to rain. No coat, jumper or umbrella. I broke my own golden rule about leaving the house without an umbrella and I paid for it! I always take an umbrella either to shield me from the rain or as a deterrent to the weather. It's less likely to rain if you take an umbrella. That's probability in action, baby.

Anyway, I high-tailed it home, abandoning my plans (best-laid, etc) and decided to scrap the last photo I had from last weekend's Into The Woods extravaganza. And I use my layered embellishment that I made for Shimelle's crop.

Taking up the same plans today. I am taking a jumper and a coat and an umbrella. Suspect it will not rain.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Of couse, by the time I got of the tube on my way home, it was sunny again.


  1. Never can predict the weather... I always have an umbrella and a pair of sunglasses in my bag!! Fabby layout, really gorgeous xx

    PS My life is more like a soap opera ;-)

  2. I'm the same when packing to go on holiday! Working on the assumption that if I pack a warm cardi and brolly, I won't need them, but woe betide me if I leave them behind. Good old British weather eh? All four seasons in one day!