Monday 16 August 2010

The one with all the photos.

I've been doing lots of challenges from Shimelle's Blog this weekend and here are the photos I've taken for some of the challenges. I've stuck them all in the one post to avoid having to write millions of separate blog entries! So, onto the story of my weekend...

These are my feet stepping into my brand new flat for the first time. As it's still a building site, I had to wear hardy boots but as it's shiny and new and clean, I had to put little blue bags over the boots. New trend? So exciting!

This is my picture for the 'home' challenge. A self portrait in my new home. I move in just over a month but just walking in the door felt like stepping into my own little slice of the world. Wonderful!

Ah, my crafting in progress. Not a particularly good picture but it does show how I scrap: rarely at a table, usually on a sofa having commandeered the coffee table. My supplies look scattered everywhere but I confess I do have to stop and tidy every so often or the mess makes me sad :(

My weekend included a trip to the British museum. I've only made a couple of brief visits and barely scratched the surface of their exhibits but I am in awe of the place. It's a beautiful building in it's own right and the big hall is literally breathtaking. But they have so much to see that it's hard to take in. Anyway, I intend to make a few more visits this summer. This is a picture through the glass of hieratic text. Ancient Egyptian scribes wrote in hieratic for general admin as it was quicker than doing the hieroglyphs. They tended to be reserved for ceremonial things like tombs.

Either that or the Egyptians were scrapbookers and made great vintage-feel script paper.

Relaxing outside with a book. Got a big order of more Amelia Peabody's on the way. Can't wait! I love having the leisure time to read in summer.

My friends and I went to an outdoor performance of Into The Woods in Regent's Park. It was incredible! And the atmosphere was brilliant as the night descended turning the theatre into a haunting forest and giving the whole theatre a velvety black canopy. Zoom out...
A pre-into the woods picnic for tea. Candid!
And finally, a picture of smiles when everyone has a tummy full of delicious Mexican food from Wahaca where we lunched. I must confess that I largely prefer posed pictures of of friends in groups. But I find there are always elements of the candid. This is one of a series of five or six pictures are various folks make various silly expressions. Posed pictures don't have to be awkward and I love how they've all leaned around the camera in a conspiratorial way!

That's all for now. Bedtime for me.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Fab weekend.

P.P.S. So much for chronology. Silly uploader thingy.


  1. The evening in the park looks such good fun, must have been a great atmosphere.
    Good luck with the move!

  2. wow u have had a busy weekend. loving the blue shoes, reminds of theatres when i a student nurse.
    Jo xxx