Monday 16 August 2010

Take Flight

I wanted to scrap this for two reasons: one in response to the use hearts challenge on Shimelle's blog, and secondly because this was one of those photos that you just have to scrap as soon as possible. I made my own hearts (still working with Thrift Shop!) and although this is really a boy page, I love how hearts can still work.

As far as the photo goes, this is a picture of my little brother graduating. I couldn't attend the ceremony as I had school and also no ticket(!) but my Mum took lots of pictures. And this one scrapped itself: unfortunately, there was a double-headed lampost sticking up in exactly the wrong place so my brother's mortar board appears to be sprouting a propeller. Needless to say, this was my favourtite pic of the lot and I think there's a good metaphor in there somewhere about taking off into the future.

Works for me!

Kisses xxx

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