Thursday 19 August 2010


Well, it's been a lucky week for me prize-wise! First I won these beautiful paper clips on Wendy's blog My Ordinary Life. I thought they were so pretty and was pretty excited when I won them and even more so when they arrived! As you can see, I used one in the page above, If You Go Down In The Woods Today.

Then, having entered as many of Shimelle's online crop challenges as I could, I was pretty chuffed to win one of those as well! I can't wait to see what the prize is. I love Shimelle's online crops as there are so many different ideas and ways to go, plus you get to see inspiration from loads of other scrappers.

I've been indulging this evening with a bowl of rice pudding and golden syrup, Location, Location, Location on the telly and organising my papers. I found that pulling out three or four matching sheets and putting them to one side means that I save time rooting through massive amounts of stash when I want to make a page and means the process is a lot more fluent. I used one of my little page kits to make the page above and I'm really pleased with how it came together. It features candid shots of my friends having a picnic before we went to see Into The Woods.

In other news, I'm absorbing as many Amelia Peabody books as Amazon can deliver, and I finally went to get some new clothes. Haven't done this in a couple of years as there are always other things that I want to spend my money on. Anyway, I spent £41 in the end and acquired a pair of trousers, 2 skirts, 2 jumpers, a smart work jacket and a trench coat. Bargain! I love charity shops!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Anyone else find Location Location Location a guilty pleasure? I love nosying into other people's houses, watching seeming foolish buyers with unrealistic expectations refusing beautiful homes and judging them harshly (you're allowed on telly as they'll never know) but most of all, I love watching Kirstie and Phil bicker. See? Guilty pleasure.


  1. i love kirsty and phil and also kirsty's homemade home, hope she does another xmas special.
    glad u found some bargains and well done for the prize winning
    Jo xxx

  2. Well done on winning a prize with Shimelle. I loved the outlining of all your embellishments. I'm glad you are having a good holiday. Did you have any A level students?

  3. Well done! Love those paper clips. I'm a Kirstie and Phil fan too, they work so well together and I love their banter!

  4. i am glad you got the pins and they look gorgeous on the page!

  5. Congratulations, you :-) Love how you've used the clip on your layout!