Monday, 13 September 2010

Learn Something New Every Day: 12th September

Yesterday, I learned that a simple things are loads of fun when you do them with family. This is a page about my family playing Boule. We all mocked Dad a little bit when he said he thought it would be fun if he dug it out of the garage for my brother's birthday. But the whole family played and got really involved and we all had a wonderful time. Brilliant!

In other news, it's beginning to dawn on me how much effort it's going to take to move. I spent 20 minutes arguing with Argos yesterday trying to get them to deliver a bed to me on a particular day. The wouldn't. Still can't wait though!

Kisses xxx

P.S. No word from the press. Thanks for the suggestions - I will totally try emailing them!


  1. I so love your hand-drawn borders :-) Fab perspective on this photo, too!

    Ack, arguing over delivery dates - the times I've done that....

  2. Great photo - love today's lesson too AND I'm amazed that you're doing this class in 12x12! I'm struggling to keep up with pages half that size!