Thursday, 16 September 2010

Learn Something New Every Day: 15th September

Half Way.

No page today because I started school at half past seven this morning and I have just clocked off, leaving at about quarter past nine this evening. It was a good day though.

We dismissed the students after lunch in order to prepare the school for the evening. This meant that I had a half hour tutor time with my form and nothing particularly to do. When asked what they'd like, they said they wanted me to read them a story.

So I did. They all sat on the floor and I read their choice of literature which they brought into school specially. We didn't have time for the pop-up book but I did read them '10 Little Ladybirds' which rhymed and had counting which we practised on our fingers and lovely pictures. We also read Sammy the Snail which has interactive eyes that I could put my fingers in and move about to peer at my audience. They really enjoyed it. They cheered and said "Ahhhh" in all the right places, and I did all the voices and patronised them as much as I possibly could.

I love being form tutor to this bizarre collection of 15-year-olds.

This evening was our prospective parents evening, when the school throws upon its newly polished doors to entice parents into sending their students here. The sixth form made rather good tour guides having been prepped with tons of information and drilled on parroting it on command. Younger students helped out in departments across the school from the music groups which performed at various venues throughout school on a rolling schedule to blowing things up in the science department.

I was based in maths but did the odd bit of violining in the gaps with Camerata, the senior string group. My favourite moment of the evening was when we were all sat in one of the music rooms. The music teacher had popped out of the room and a group of parents turned into the corridor. The student who was leadin raised his violin, looked meaningfully at us all and gave us a nod and we all came in together, the parents arriving at the music room to meet a burst of sound. Fantastic!

So it's been busy and hard work (our head of department had me on hands and knees cleaning the radiator!) but a great day which really showed off what the school can do. I'm really proud to teach there.

So, as I said, no page. But that's OK. I'm not going to catch up as I'm not making a mini-book, just a series of 12x12 pages about my September so it's not going to matter if a page is missing. And I've already managed more in a row than I thought I would. But I did want to record my day here because it was good.

Kisses xxx

P.S. My lesson for today is that the most marking always crops up at the worst time. Today I marked 30 exam papers and 28 exercise books in and amongst. Page about this tomorrow.


  1. After the story about story telling, when you said you per patronising them I got a bit annoyed then when I read this sentence....

    'I love being form tutor to this bizarre collection of 15-year-olds.'

    I just fell about laughing. well done on the patronising I say.

  2. Glad you had a good day, even though it was long! Love the sound of the parents walking in to a burst of music, fantastic! x

  3. Recording it here is all part of the memory keeping :-) I'd love to bring my boy to look round your school but it's a bit far from us.... Plenty to go see round here, it's keeping us busy right now! Glad you had a good day xx

  4. It does sound a good day....though very long and busy.....I'm quite glad I don't have those sort of school days anymore.