Friday 17 September 2010

Learn Something New Every Day: 16th September

Marking always crops up at the worst moments! Obviously I have to mark the books of every child I teach once a week. That's over 150 books. But when they sit a test, it can really mount up! This is easier marking because I don't have to correct their work or offer comments, just a mark. But it is lengthy. On the plus side, all done for this week!

Next week I'm moving house so of course, my A level class and my GCSE class are both sitting tests - to see how much of their 2-year courses they've forgotten over the summer! Lovely timing!

So it had to crop up really didn't it? This is my page about marking.

Kisses xxx

P.S. I LOVE Basic Grey's Basics Manilla collection. They make such wonderful, versatile background papers. This is my last sheet. Sad face!


  1. Just started to type my comment and yours arrived on my blog! Thank you for your kind words, they're very much appreciated xx

    I was going to ask what paper you were using for your background, yummy Basic Grey! Love their work....

    You have my full sympathy re the marking xx

  2. Great page love the grouping and the embellishments

  3. Yes, you cannot have too much of that Basic Grey line. Find myself hoarding it instead of using it! Lovely layout.

  4. Beautiful page, I love that BG line too.