Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Learn Something New Every Day: 21st September

I suppose my lesson should be moving in is hard work! I've been taking stuff over to my new flat and unloading each day after work. But it does feel good to be there!

Unfortunately, I still don't have a bed or a fridge and I can't get water to come out of the taps. I rode up and down in the lift for a bit and met some other people in the building and a nice Irish chap tried to get it going but still nothing. So I'm now awaiting assistance from maintenance.

I delivered my stash this evening so no page for a couple of days (SAD FACE!!!!). However, I thought I would take the opportunity to learn another lesson:

This is how I used to scrap:

I used to hand cut all my own letters because I though alphabets were too expensive (and they were on a student budget!). I firmly believed all photos should be matted and that you should cut the back out of the matting to save paper because it's expensive. All photos must be printed at 6x4 as a job lot of 200 because that's the cheapest way and printers are too expensive. And try not to use more than one sheet of patterned paper: that's really expensive and you may never be able to buy it again!

In fact, this page really pushed the boundaries for me at the time because I outlined things by hand!!!! This is highly dangerous because if you make a mistake you could ruin the paper which is expensive.

How things have changed!

Kisses xxx



  1. Good luck with that, oh dear! Sleeping on the floor and no water? That's rotten....

    I like your layout, but gosh, you have a different style now! Love how you scrap now :-)

  2. No water that is a disaster. Hope you are not having to sleep in your new place yet.

    I agree with Mel I love your new style. Isn't it strange when we look back to the beginning of our scrapping life how much we have changed