Saturday, 25 September 2010

Learn Something New Every Day: 24th September

Well, I'm in! Now I need to buy some furniture so that I can unpack my stuff.

The taps are now running with water, the washing machine has been delivered and plumbed in but it doesn't fit in the standardized washing machine space because some genius has run a pipe up the side of it.

However, teething problems aside, and with a very tiring week behind me (and still no news on bed or fridge), this move has been worth it, and that's my lesson. It feels fantastic to be in my own space with my own things and do whatever I like. Although the walking around naked part will have to wait until I get some curtains.

Kisses xxx

P.S. It feels good to scrap again! After scrapping every day for a couple of weeks, it felt really strange to have to go a few days without it!


  1. Yes, don't walk around naked without curtains, hee hee! Glad you are in and wasting no time with getting down to scrapping. Are you going to go buy lots of furniture in Ikea? That's my favourite place to go when we've moved into a new place! xx

  2. May you be very happy in your new home. have fun shopping!

  3. Love it! Are you going to frame it and decorate your wall with it? xx