Tuesday 28 September 2010

Learn Something New Every Day: 27th September

Well, I think I'm almost in a place where I can do a page a day again. Which is annoying because we are somehow at the end of the class. When did September happen, exactly?

However, I have furniture (not yet all assembled!) and the water is working (although a plumber is coming to move a pipe tomorrow so that my washing machine works) and maybe before the end of the year Homebase will take it upon themselves to deliver my fridge and bed!

What I love though, is that I have built my sofa and coffee table and I can have a DVD, a cuppa, a biscuit, some candles and do some scrapping in this little oasis amid the chaos. So lesson one is make sure there is always a little oasis of calm!

My other lesson is how brilliant my friends have been this last week, from helping me move my things to trying out millions of sofas in Ikea and then helping me transport the huge boxes, lending me tools and helping me get the stuff built! I have been really touched by how much time they've given up to undertake some frankly quite dull jobs.

Kisses xxx

P.S. I just joined Studio Calico! I've been eyeing up their kits quite longingly for a while now so I took the plunge and joined! A nice house warming present to myself. Because after buying a property, the first thing you should do is spend more money.


  1. Relax indeed! Lovely page and nice to know how you are getting on.

  2. Great page, glad to see you've got some home comforts at least! I've drooled over Studio Calico kits for a long time too - hope you enjoy yours! xx

  3. So good to see you in your new home at last! I feel like we've followed the journey along with you :-)

    And enjoy your new kits, I've been dithering about joining up for a while now, but their stuff is gorgeous so I'm sure I'll succumb sooner or later! Especially when I see the gorgeous projects you're sure to make with yours.... xx