Saturday 4 September 2010

Learn Something New Every Day: 4th September

Here's my page for Friday. School gossip at the pub is good for the soul.

So I know today isn't finished yet, but I want to make a start. It's important to have days in too. I enjoy my own company and can happily amuse myself for hours - days! What scrapper can't? But it's good to remember that I don't have to rush around doing things all the time.

With this in mind, I have made the page above today, read a bit, done my laundry and assorted errands, planned some A-level lesson and I type this between batches of ginger biscuits!


Kisses xxx

P.S. Evenings in are important too - all you need is a friend, a DVD and something yummy. Plus my Amazon order arrived today and in it, Sherlock!


  1. I literally *gasped* when I got to 'Sherlock' :-) Sounds like a fab night in! And that's another fabulous page - I'm in total awe of anyone who can manage a 12x12 every day through the start of a new term!

  2. i am horribly annoyed as im trying to download sherlock on iplayer and it keeps stopping.........humph.
    love the 12 x 12. i am enjoying my weekend of doing little and spending time sorting out crafty things into my new ikea storage unit which is senonimous, ? spelt right?, with us crafty types. shame i cant get to watch my downloads, oh well next stop the dvd pile
    Jo xxx

  3. Absolutely gorgeous layout! I'm looking forward to watching my recent Amazon deliver...Lost the full series.

  4. Enjoy your night in. Fabby LO. Well done, I don't have time to anything more than blog my lessons with or without a picture at this stage of the year

  5. Just popped over from Shimelle's forums because I am loving all of your pages - you have great style. Looking forward to seeing more :)