Monday, 6 September 2010

Learn Something New Every Day: 6th September

Here's my page from yesterday, the lesson being that I really miss my family sometimes. It feels like I'm a long way from home. However, I am also lucky to have a family that I'm close to in order to miss them. Quite a melancholy page for me, I don't normally scrap topics like this. Something else I've learned!

So today's lesson is a little more whimsical. To whit: you can buy the affection of anyone with a spot of home baking. I made some ginger biscuits from my grandma's recipe this weekend and put a box aside to take in to my colleagues in the maths (as well as getting me in the good books!) I quite often use cupcake recipes from Shimelle's blog actually.

Kisses xxx

P.S. It's a little bit gloomy this evening hence poor picture quality. Sad face! I thought I'd have time get home from work, do the page and photograph it before it was too gloomy outside but this plan was scuppered when I thought to myself, "Yeah, hand stitching round the circle won't take that long". Yet another lesson, perhaps?


  1. Mmm, cupcakes.... I often bake a little something for the staff at my school; they all love the Malteser cake especially!

    Sorry, got distracted - gorgeous layout, worth the time you put in :-) (I've fallen into the 'handstitching won't take long' trap before now too....)

  2. I do love handstitching, but it does take some time. Worth it though, as your layout is once again fabulous!

  3. I'm so glad I found your blog because I've been admiring your layouts in the UKS Gallery lately!

    This one is no exception.