Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Allering A Paris

So much for improving our French.

This is another pic or some of my friends from school with whom I went to Paris for a wet weekend in February.

All this scrapping Paris has got me thinking how little I remember so I have spontaneously booked a weekend in Paris! I've roped in a couple of friends and we're going to hop across on the Eurostar very early Saturday morning, spend the day and a night rocking around the city and then slide back again Sunday morning. Slightly weird ticket times and a random hotel but a cheap deal as apparently not many people want to go to Paris for a weekend in November.

3 weeks in advance is totally spontaneous for me. Going to take no useful luggage and as much camera equipment as I can haul.

People in glossy dramas or American sitcoms are always either popping away spontaneously for a weekend or wishing that they could. I can't believe it hasn't dawned on me before that I can!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Shot a roll of Diana film around London. Will share some pics once I've had it processed.

P.P.S. Oh Kraft, how I love thee!


  1. Exciting trip! Have fun :-)

    While in Germany on a school exchange trip, my friends and I all became fluent in broken English.....

    Love your layout (as always) xx

  2. Oh sooooo glad I found you! I found you from Mel's blog (hi mel!) and I love your pages! I have several I want to scraplift already!! have a great trip! Kate x