Wednesday 27 October 2010

Geek and Proud

Geek is a title that I get stuck with. I like maths, Doctor Who, grammar, explaining how aperture affects depth of field, classical music and avoiding diminutive words whenever a multiplicity of lengthier specimens will suffice. Much to the annoyance of my students, whose sub-standard capacity for vocabulary needs enlarging in my opinion. Keeps them on their toes.

Anyway, geek it is, and proud! I like to learn, it makes me happy! I like to know things and to find out things. I love Wikipedia and while I wish it was spelled Wikipaedia, I think it's brilliant that someone came up with the idea of letting the world stick together everything it knows, and some things it's made up. And all these things got me where I wanted to be in life, so what's so bad about that? Geek and proud!

Today, I'm going to make my numbers page.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Still having a kraft phase - I like how it's a little more mellow than cream or white. On the downside, now it's cloudy and miserable outside, I'm finding it harder to avoid this blue tinge on my pics of my pages. I don't use my proper camera to snap them, just my compact, to avoid huge file size and it's quicker. I think I should start and see if I can do something about the white balance because it's annoying!


  1. well if ur a geek so am i,..........i love dr who, wikipaedia, etc etc. as an ex-teacher of 6th formers, i agree with the vocabulary thingy too although mine's not gr8. loving the LO especially the painty background.
    Jo xxx

  2. Yay!! Fellow geek here :-) I love all those things, too - and totally agree about the spelling of wikipaedia xx

  3. Love the LO & I also wear the geek badge proudly!

    And to prove it, Re: the blue tinge - what photo editing software do you use to crop your photo? You can use a feature "Remove Color Cast" to get rid of that blue tinge. Pretty easily and quickly you can get this:
    (I couldn't figure out how to include the image in my reply.) :)

  4. Thanks Carey, that's brilliant! I tried with a better camera and that defintely made the difference. As far as software goes, I use the windows photo gallery. IT isn't really my thing so I don't bother beyond that. However, you gave me an idea and I pushed a few of the buttons in that and it managed to move the blue tinge. Perfect! Really appreciate your help :D

  5. I think I am permanently in the 'kraft' phase! I love your post today - it put a big smile on my face - go the geek! :-)