Monday, 25 October 2010

Half Term!

I'm still really enjoying scrapping these old photos. This picture is of my brother and I standing at the edge of the sea waving and paddling. And wearing our matching fluorescent sun hats, obviously. Ah, 1995!

It's nice to have a bit of time off after a hectic week. My form at school have collectively tipped over the edge so instead of doing PSHE we made origami dinosaurs using instructions from a birthday present a received; a book called Dinogami.

As it turned out, origami dinosaurs are tricky and mine looked kind of like a dinosaur (or a pheasant or a frog apparently) and theirs looked nothing like dinosaurs. I blame the instructions, but on the plus side, it kept them all quiet for quite a long time. Relatively speaking.

Had a lovely weekend so I'm making up for that today by getting my marking done and trying to put a dent in my Masters dissertation. A small dent will do. Then if I'm very good, I get to play with my new scrapping supplies! I received the American Crafts City Park line as a prize from Shimelle which was totally exciting as I had no idea what the prize would be. I love it and I'm going to scrap some gorgeous Londony pictures with them.

Also my Studio Calico kit is absolutely delicious and it's great to get my hands on some Sassafras embellishments and Mix and Mend, some pretty tape, Studio Calico Papers and Jenni Bowlin butterflies. To name but a little!!!!

But first: research.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Picking up my Diana+ film tomorrow. Eeek! Also, the Talk Talk guy is coming to put me in some proper internet so hopefully I can share them.

P.P.S. And now I must stop procrastinating and actually do some work.

P.P.P.S. It was lovely to hear how many of you were Guides - yay!


  1. ah the old ones are often the good ones. sounds like half term wont be a holiday more a busman's holiday. master's degrees are heavy going, i know i almost got one myself in oublic health but stopped at the post-grad diploma as i got poorly. i dont regret it though as it taught me loads. i am a fab researcher and find that an invaluable tool when helping friends/family with the like.
    loving the lo and how the punch reminds of waves, very clever.
    hope u have more time scrapping over research today
    Jo xxxxx
    ps: procrastination is healthy ;-))

  2. good luck with the masters. i know the feeling. i found that mixing work and play worked well for me. congrats on the prize and can I re-iterate I LOVE YOUR PAGES!!!! I am so rubbish at layering, but you do it so very well x

  3. Hooray for half term!! I only teach part-time but I was ready for the break, for sure :-) I hope you have a good rest, a good play, and make a good dent in that Masters!

    Love the layout - but that goes without saying, I always love your layouts xx