Tuesday 5 October 2010

Learn Something New Every Day: The Album

Well, so much for being back into doing a page a day. It was extremely naive of me to think that that would be the case! However, these are the pages that I did do. I lack an album for them at the mo but one is on its way. I think 12x12 was definitely right for me as I'm not really into minibooks because I never feel I can fit enough on the page and I like to be able to keep all my pages together. Roll on Journal your Christmas I say!

I am still not unpacked but thanks to the efforts of my parents this weekend, I now have a fully functioning wardrobe and chest of drawers, and several bookcases up including an Expedit for my scrapping stuff, amongst other things! Love Ikea!

So tonight I shall be doing more unpacking. There's still so much to do; moving is definitely a longer process than I envisaged!

I love, love, love having my own space though. I can't say this enough. Once I'm unpacked and settled, I can get back into scrapping, (I miss it!) but until then, it's going to have to be flat first. On the plus side, there will be lots to scrap about.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Still no bed or fridge/freezer. Beginning to wonder if homebase have lost them. Getting sick of sleeping on floor and running out for milk all the time. Then I need to get internet as I'm on a mobile dongle at the mo which hardly gets any signal here. Then suddenly it will have just enough (like now!)


  1. Lovely to see you again! Enjoy it all.

  2. You'll have to show us pictures of the space that you 'dedicate' to scrapping...

  3. It's quite understandable that you didn't get a page a day done with all you had going on in Sept! Sounds like you're settling in nicely though! xx

  4. It's a great set of pages, even if it isn't a page for every day - we all make the project work for us in whatever way we need to, and you definitely worked it!! xx