Wednesday 13 October 2010

Paris When it Drizzles

Still scrapping the old photos! This was back when I had a film camera which I saved up lots of Weetabix tokens to buy. I loved it because it used APS film and I could take three different picture sizes which was pretty high tech at the time.

I went to Paris for a weekend with school (a long drive from Yorkshire!) and it rained pretty much the whole time. This did not particularly dampen my enthusiasm, but it does mean that all my pictures came back with this grey tint and cloud obscurity. I wasn't particularly impressed at the time, but now I quite like these pictures!

Thinking of popping to Paris for a weekend with better camera and better skills. In November, I could enjoy and revel in the gloom. In the meantime, I will keep digging through my box of school pictures.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Totally scored a free to trip to France in the summer on an adventure holiday! As long as I supervise 70 odd 12 year old boys...


  1. lol! I scored a free trip to the Netherlands when I taught in secondary school - but had to take a group of about 100 12-year-olds with me... It was worth it, though!

    Great layout, love the atmospheric photo xx

  2. Lovely to see your layout. Make the most of your free trip but I'm a bit concerned about the odd boys!