Monday 8 November 2010

Autumn Yummies

All the crisp, beautiful autumness seems to have dissolved under a damp layer of drizzle so I thought I cheerful leafy photo might help to stand in the way of this.

First I want to say huge thank you's to everyone who took part in the blog hop. I loved reading your blogs and finding loads of inspiration and new crafters. I've added loads to my reader and shall never, ever do any work again except as a cover for my illicit blog-absorbing. And thanks for all your comments! It was lovely to hear from you all!

This is one of the pages I made on the getaway - the vintage feel supplies (lots of October Afternoon Thrift Shop, one of my favourite lines!) was great and we used old dress making patterns to make flowers. Sadly I cannot crochet so I didn't make the flower, but I often shy away from larger embellishments like this so it was brilliant to use some. Plus, lace. Plus vintage dress-maker pins. Need I say more? No?

Busy weekend - hardly got any scrapping done. Did make a curtain for my bedroom though, went to see The Railway Children at Waterloo station (very cool, stage was the old Eurostar Platform, seats banked up on both sides, real steam train from Yorkshire), had French toast in a diner, watched a couple of films, and mooched around Camden market. Very productive actually as found loads of potential things for the flat and picked up a vintage printer tray for £8! Excitement! I'm going to try altering it and hanging it on the wall.

Actually I'd like to de-Ikea my flat a bit, by which I mean make it look a bit less, well, flat packed and identikit. Don't get me wrong, I love the stuff I got, but I'd like smaller things to make it seem more cosy and homely. Anyone got any suggestions of ideas? Or any good blogs? I'll carry on watching Kirstie too. Oh, and it has to cost next to nothing as my budget feels a bit as though I bludgeoned it with a whole frozen tuna. Or similar.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Louisa-Jane, I think I am totally thinking what you are thinking! Unfortunately, I can't view your profile or anything, so if you are still thinking email me! kirsty[dot]merran[at]googlemail[dot]com.


  1. i can teach you to crochet a flower if u come away with us and louisa jane sounds gr8 to scrap with,......well scrapbook, we dont want any bad feeling, heehee. Loving the latest LO kirsty and that leaf reminds me what life looks like when it isnt raining.
    Jo xxxx

  2. The layout is beautiful, I am sadly clueless when it comes to gorgeous layering like this. We are just hitting summer now - such a contrast to your change of season :-)

  3. Love that layout, I am totally in love with Thrift Shop too, I need to buy more of the paper soon! I met Lou a few months ago and we've scrapped together a few times already so it's awesome to find another London scrapper! We'll have to organise something soon, i'll email you & lou and we can see when we're all free :)

  4. Beautifully gorgeous :-) And it sounds like you had a lot of fun! I'm mad jealous of your printer's tray find....