Tuesday 30 November 2010

Baby, it's cold outside

Just a quick update: I went to a scrapbooking day run by Scrapagogo this weekend where we made 5 pages in 7 hours! I love the five classes and came away with lots of lovely stash from the kits. Just wanted to share one of the pages I made. I class used lots of stitching including pricking out and stitching around a circle. I love the frame that this made for the layout and is definitely a technique I will use again! (Although half way through the stitching, I did moan a little bit as I wanted to get back to cutting and sticking again)

Parents evening tonight. Yay...

Kirsty xxx
P.S. Snow finally hit London today! Hardly any and it's not really proper but I love it anyway!


  1. It looks really good and the stitching finishes it off nicely.

    Hope your parents evening isn't too stressful :)

  2. ah parent's evening, what a delight that was to do for 6th formers. we have the snow too, just a lil sprinkling so far, not quite narnia yet
    Jo xxx