Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Get In The Picture

Really love this photo. It's not very good at all but it was one of those that really has some great stuff going on in it. I lined up the family for a group portrait at my brother's 21st and took a few shots. They were nice but a bit..well...staid. Everyone stood up straight and smiled nicely and that was that. After I'd taken a few, they said why didn't I get in one?

Several reasons: do I trust my family with my camera? Emphatic no. Did I have my tripod handy so I could self-time? Unfortunate no. Even if I did trust someone enough to hold my pretty pretty camera, would I want them to miss out on being in the picture? No.

Now I actually like having my picture taken. I'm a terribly vain show-off and don't really mind having bad pictures of me floating about. I figure if I'm in enough of them, some have to turn out well and those are the ones that I can scrap! So I pulled and arms-length picture, stood in front of the camera and attempted to angle it so the family would be around the outside.

Result! Sort of. But you know what? The smiles and grins and giggles on the faces in the background are the best, the most natural and the most lovely of any of the group shots.

Going to scrap a bit now in order to suppress the trials of teaching Income Tax to an inquisitive Year 9 group. Inquisitive, and enterprising.

Student: Miss, if I set up a charity for my hamster and get it registered and then I give my hamster £10 can I claim the gift aid back to make more money?

Me: Enterprising, but no. You aren't a UK taxpayer.

Student: What if I get my parents to make a donation? Can I claim gift aid on that?

Me: I have no idea.

Student:I'm going to do it and make loads of money.

Me: But you can't just spend it - it would be the charity's money and if you spend it on computer games, that would be fraud. Probably.

Student: Aha! But! I'm going to spend it on hamster food.

Kisses xxx

P.S. The spirograph flower is a Sassafras Paper Whimsy. Love them!


  1. Cute layout for your fun photo!

  2. hilarious student!!! lovely layout as usual. can you just please scrap my photos?! x

  3. :o) Well, I love the photo of you, and the layout is fabulous too. And guess what? You won a prize on my blog!!! Congratulations! xo

  4. Great layout and I just love the ŵay students think! :D

  5. My year 9 daughter has asked for a hamster for Christams - you really made me laugh because this is exactly the sort of enterprise she would be involved in.

  6. Love that photo and that you scrapped it on a page.