Thursday, 4 November 2010

Getaway Pages

I made this page in one of the classes on the Getaway - it was one of my favourites! There was pattered paper with cute little houses on it and wood veneer and chip board - what's not to love! I went with pictures of a friend and I putting up our tents at Hay-on-Wye Lit Fest. It was so cheap to camp and in the evening we made friends with a group of fellow campers who'd had the forethought to bring marshmallows and then lit a fire under them. Yummy!

I made this from October Afternoon text paper (Lush!) and Sassafras bits and bobs and it features my two little cousins (not so little any more) playing pullalongs. Pullalongs is a self-explanatory game involving vehicles on a string, walking around the garden, and roping in as many people to do it with you as possible. Made during cropping time on the Getaway - I want to go again!

Right, huge to-do list calls. Life first, scrapping second I suppose.


P.S. Taking part in a blog hop on Saturday from 8p.m, and there are prizes up for grabs from those who do the whole hop! (And maybe a little giveaway here...)


  1. Oh dont get ahead of yourself darling it's on Saturday ;-))
    Jo xxxx

  2. Yummy layouts! And I shall definitely be here on Saturday xx

  3. Such cute pages - love the embellishing. I'm all ready for Saturday's hop too!

  4. I love those pages and the fire and marshmallows sound yum!