Tuesday 2 November 2010

Grandma, Grandad and Me

This is the only photo I have of me with both my grandparents. It's the only one I will ever have. My grandma dies earlier this year aged 98. My grandad died over 15 years ago. I have strong and recent memories of my Grandma and I'll be able to make pages about her, but I was only little when they were both around and so my recollections are a bit jumbled. But some things really stand out. I remember visiting their house with my brother and playing: we were lucky to live within walking distance.

My grandma cooked a lot. I remember Yorkshire puddings; little ones that I could dip in ketchup and brown sauce. I remember white cake and chocolate cake and chocolate dipped shortbread- that was really good. The kitchen was her domain.

It was with Grandad that we really played silly games. He would sit with us while we all took it in turns to make up a story. And there was a song with 2 made-up words repeated over and over that he used to sing.

Those are the things I remember and the things that I wrote on this page.

This was one of the classes I took at the Getaway.

This page is probably the one I am least pleased with from the weekend. I kind of wish I hadn't put the brads on. But the class was about making and embossing pennants which was cool and a technique I can bring into my scrapping. I guess that because I love these pictures, I wish I loved the page. The pictures show me painstakingly arguing, convincing and cajoling my family into having a group photo at my brother's 21st. We aren't often all together so much and I was determined to take the opportunity. Once they were all posed, it was "Everybody say... CANDID"

Kisses xxx

P.S. So I didn't post the letter after all. Will do it tomorrow!

P.P.S. Also, nearly JYC! Whoop!


  1. i like both these LOs. i love the vintage feel to the grandma and grandad one and as always butterflies get me everytime. as for the 2nd LO I think the brads are really gr8 way to complete the LO and use lots of colour. i love the banner at the bottom. the LOs work because you have made them balanced and the visual triangle is there.
    cant wait to see the rest of the w/e work
    Jo xxxxx

  2. Beautiful layouts, especially the first one. Beautiful memories, too xx

  3. They are both beautiful to the beholder.

  4. I really like the layout and your journaling about your grandparents. And the candid photos are great - I really like the way the layout turned out.

  5. I like the candid (posed) layout, right down to the brads!