Sunday, 21 November 2010

Le Weekend Parisien

Yay! Studio Calico kit came! And it was filled with yummy map-style paper from Basic Grey and a lush paper called Peleton with bikes on by the Studio themselves. Something about them said Paris to me so I put them together with this pic of my friends posing on a bridge over the Seine and included a few of our Metro tickets.

We did have a great time seeing all sorts of different things but I think we were all agreed that where we really struck gold was with the eating places which were non-touristy and gave us the chance to practise our French and see the locals.

Chez Louisette was a cafe that served us a delicious lunch while being serenaded with traditional Chansons. Audience participation encouraged, although you must put something in the hat each time the performer passes it round. There was also some great people watching as matriarchal French women served food and henpecked the harried-looking waiter, Gerrard. Poor bloke.

In the evening, we went to a crowded bistro called Le Tambour where all the staff seemed to be male with grizzled haid, moustaches and aprons from which they could pull a bottle of wine at a moment's notice. They were all extremely genial and while I scored points by asking for Gratinee d'Oignon, I was mocked for ordering tea. My friend Ruth whose French is pretty awesome even managed French banter and as we left, our waiter said that next time we could return as friends. Kisses all round.

I've been having a weekend in as it will be the only one I get for weeks so it's been great to have some quality scrapping time. Got a few projects in the pipeline - watch this space - and I've been watching Merlin. I've never watched this on telly but I got the first disc with LoveFilm this weekend and it's great fun!

How excited is everyone about Christmas? Lots.

Kirsty xxx

P.S. Collecting yummies for JYC. I'm trying not to buy anything new and really enjoying digging through stash and matching stuff up.

P.P.S. Have to wait until Thursday to see Harry Potter. My students have been warned that spoilers = detention.


  1. i've watched the first 35 mins of HP and it was brilliant,.........dont ask about how or why so short it was ******. Love the Paris LOs I love gay Paree and all it's fun and excess. Havent been for several years and last time it was absolutely freezing.
    Jo xxx
    I can just about order meals and tickets etc. in pigeon francais.

  2. Beautiful layout, I love the layering and I can't wait to see HP either! :)

  3. I like your layout at lot, great choices in papers and add-ons. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Paris; it's nice to have the memory scrapped too.

  4. Have loved my catch up over here, great layouts and stories as ever (I remember covering income tax with Year 9!!) I saw HP last Friday - oh, the joys of working part time!! Woo hoo!! Won't pass on any spoilers, I promise xx