Wednesday 3 November 2010

Love From Home

For true stories, we were asked to write a letter. I wrote home. Sort of. I wrote a letter to my Mum and Grandma, thanking them for writing to me each week. I love that they both take the time every weekend to think of me and share all the news from home. They live next door to each other so it always makes me chuckle to get two perspectives on the same events: the church service that week, what the council did with the roof insulation, how the veg patch is getting on. My Mum is very much her mother's daughter, as I am my Mum's. We all three are very much alike and watching them is like beholding my future. Fortunately I admire them both hugely and would love to turn out like them. Fingers crossed. Getting their letters every Tuesday is one of the highlights of my day. And I'm not sure they know what their letters mean to me.

What's strange is that often they will apologise for only having humdrum things to report. Little do they know that it's the everyday that I love, that makes me feel connected to home, which can sometimes feel like a long way away.

Thanks Mum and Nanny,

Kisses xxx

P.S. Photo strips are my new favourite thing - I've seen them popping up all over and really wanted to have a go. Photo strips and Mix and Mend


  1. That sounds just lovely :-) And having seen this layout, I now love photo strips too! xx

  2. I love photostrips too, so cute!

  3. A beautiful letter, I need to write more letters myself!

  4. I really like your layout, the photo strips and the papers really give it an old home feeling. And I love that your mom & grandmother write you letters every week!

  5. Aw, that is really lovely! Are the photostrips from index cards or are those the tiny prints that you were using? In a more simplified manner: how did you make the photo strips?

    I love that your Mum and Grandma write to you on a weekly basis, so sweet.