Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Vintage Memories

Another couple of "old" photos. OK, they're not really vintage, but they are to me. 1998 is like, so last century. Which is what I find so inspiring! I got a bit tired of scrapping my modern pictures - much as I love scrapping my doings in London, it's nice to have a variety and my box of old photos is still providing this by the bucketload. These ones feature my brother and I befriending a sheep. In Wales. It was surprisingly willing to be manhandled and pose for pictures but I remember having to get down on hands an knees so we'd be on the same level!

And since I adore vintage-themed supplies at the moment, they seem to complement older photos rather well. I'm not as interested in the ephemera - you know the old cards and pictures and bits and bobs that companies now reproduce - but I love the muted tones, the off-white, lettering styles and, yes, still having a kraft phase.

Actually, most of what's on here is just scraps sculling about on the table. My poor kitchen table hasn't seen food for days. I can eat on my lap and leave my stash out instead! Although I did accidently get some StazOn on it today. Ooops.

Kisses xxx

P.S. My students are teaching me to speak street so that I can take my Gangsta (note the spelling) GCSE. They do not rate my chances. They call each other Sherlock a lot at the mo - assuming this was a reference to Mr Holmes, I enquired if they had read any of the stories. Blank looks. Gangsta faux-pas number one. Gangsta faux-pas number 2 was referring to number one as a "faux-pas". That's bear dread, man.

P.P.S. When I asked "Why d'you call him Sherlock then?" the response I got was "Because he's Captain Obvious". Students are creative in their own way

P.P.P.S. I did however get them to admit that I was the most gangsta member of the maths department. Unfortunately, this is the equivalent of being the best at embroidery among goldfish. Doesn't say much. We're not a naturally gangsta bunch.

P.P.P.S. Feel my gangsta vocabulary would make a good page for the True Stories class. Definitions! Note to self.


  1. this made me hoot, dead gangsta miss. my old students taught me some street talk and when i was s tudent nurse i had to learn cockney rhyming slang and bengali!!!!!!!!!!!
    not bad for a posh kid from sussex, who sounds like wherever she lives these days.
    Jo xxxx
    ps love the LO

  2. Haha! Love this post, made me chuckle :)
    Gayle xx

  3. Ha this post made me laugh so much x

  4. Great post! I feel old around my younger cousins and students as I do not understand a lot of what they say! :D

  5. love your layout, it's gorgeous! Where is that big kraft/spyrograph flower from (the one behind the green flower)?

  6. You really made me laugh this morning :)

  7. It can be easier to teach primary in some ways - they haven't learnt gangsta yet....