Sunday 12 December 2010

Journal Your Christmas: 12th December

Tales of Christmas past include many photos from the Trinity Church nativity. Once year we realised there weren't really enough children or any who were old enough to do the nativity. So we opened it up to the whole congregation to sign up. And lots of people did! So now we always rehearse on the Sunday before and once before the service (and by rehearse I mean walk through) and we sort of wing it.

It's always funny and we give over the whole service to it, mixing in carols and things. And we bring our own costumes. This year featured the above as angels including yours truly, but also a chap as Gabriel who'd made his own light-up wings, some prophets and scholars in mortar boards and gowns and some Yorkshire wise men in flat caps. The wise men costumes are always the most unpredictable. There are also shepherds in the traditional dressing gown and tea-towel ensemble (less convincing when said dressing gown is pink and fluffy) and the children wear sheep ears and woolly jumpers and bleat throughout.

Eee, it's grand.

Kisses xxx

P.S. This is the first year in quite a few that I won't get to be in it - sad face! Good luck to the cast who are probably performing as I type!


  1. love the photo, the page and the story!! Its sounds like a service I would love to attend!

  2. Sounds like a great version of the Nativity!

  3. ah we were talking about childhood nativity plays today at my sisters. i was sure she'd been mary at one stage but everyone laughed................cant imagine why?
    Jo xxx

  4. That sounds so much fun! Love it! Sorry you couldn't be part of it this year, though xx

    The minister at a church I used to attend was known for livening up Nativity services by, for example, bringing in live donkeys....

  5. Great page! And great angels! I show this layout and told the story to my workmate, and she said: "so, angels are ageless" :)

  6. That sounds great, maybe you can join in again next year. I love your page :)

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