Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Journal Your Christmas: 15th December

Housewarming pics! Scrapped a few of the portraits and documented a few giggles - nice stuff to remember. I know this doesn't seem Christmassy but hey, there are decorations in the photos and I had to tidy up the flat for company so never mind. Mix and Mend love!

Still ill which is annoying as it was the carol service this evening and my throat seriously impaired my singing. Still, went out for Japanese food with colleague beforehand so yum! I've also been chain swallowing throat sweets - I NEED my voice to teach (except in my silent mime lessons but that's a story for another time - and so I've been eating Nin Jioms all day. Given to me by aforementioned colleague. They are lemon and herbs flavour. The box is unspecific about the herbs. I accidently started a small drugs ring in my form as we all swapped throat sweets and tried them out. Italian sugar free ones = yuck.

Anyway, went to pick up two boxes from the post office yesterday and they cheered me up LOADS as they were both kits full of stash. And you know what? Both kits are absolutely brilliant. One was my first Scrapagogo design team kit and the other my Studio Calico. Only two more days of school and I can curl up with 18 cups of tea and my new deliciousness.

Apologies for lack of coherency.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Carol service went very well, felt v. proud of students and love that we have 2 large choirs in a boys school. Singing rules! So do carols.


  1. my dad swears by hot toddies when he has a bad throat and lots of it!!! hopefully ur throat can relax once school is over, all that talking and singing is not gr8 for a sore one. love the story of the throat sweet wapping, and yep some of those sweets are yuck esp. fisherman's friends. if i knew a fisherman who had a friend like them he'd be pretty horrible.
    love the LO and glad the housewarming went with a swing,
    Jo xxxx
    ps congrats on the design team

  2. Great pages! I love all the colours that you're using! Fab

  3. Mmmm, kits.... Sorry about your throat, I do hope it clears up soon. It's our church carol service on Sunday and I can feel a niggle in my throat and nose - I'd be so gutted to miss out on singing in the choir!

    Oh, love the layout by the way, but that goes without saying xx

  4. Hope you feel better soon and your voice holds out long enough for you to enjoy the festivities! :)